Proper Hair Care To Maintain Healthy Scalp

ITCHY · DANDRUFF · DRY · STICKY · SMELLY 5 Troubles, 1 Solution Any healthy hair journey starts from a healthy scalp.This particularly sensitive skin area requires regular care more often than you can think of. Somehow, we often tend to exclude this skin area in our daily skin and hair care routine. The common reason behind 5 major

The Goodness of Hair Emulsions and Oils

What exactly are the benefits of hair emulsions and oils?  Often used in hair salons before blow drying or as the final touch after styling, hair emulsions and oils function differently from treatments and conditioners. Treatment infuses nourishment while conditioners provide a smooth touch; these have to be rinsed off. Hair emulsion or oil is

CRONNA – The Natural Hair Care for Colored Hair

THE CRONNA HOME CARE This series of aromatic hair care is infused with Aroma Squalane Rose to increase the smoothness for color-treated hair. The beauty oil is excellent in moisturizing that extracted by soaking Damask Rose in squalane derived from sugar cane. “Fading Suppression Effect” – effectively suppress the dye outflow with the protein tightening agent