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Clementine SuryaClementine Surya
13:26 10 Nov 21
I was really satisfied with the service and hair cutting (stylist was Dayat). He is very friendly, helpful, and informative and I really like my hairstyle now! :)
Ira GanapathyIra Ganapathy
02:06 31 Oct 21
Great salon with expert hairdressers. Stephanie always gets the right haircut with just a glance to the reference pictures. The prices and benefits for members are good too. Would definitely recommend!
Elisa Noveria ChandraElisa Noveria Chandra
23:51 22 Oct 21
Hi there,First of all apologize that I need to share this feedback. I've been thinking for this and I think it's need an improvement.5 stars for the friendly staff, enviromentBut as a number76 member from other countries, I believe Indonesia branch really needs improvement, or people will loose trust with Number 76 brand.Few days back, I went to saloon with my cousin.She got hair cut + coloring.First, the hair cut was so boring and it seems the director stylist doesn't match with the result.We can just get her kind of hair cut by 100k in other saloon.He promised to model it / layer it after color but at the end he didn't do it.Our mistake was not be candid and clear, coz we feel he doesn't have passion for doing it (so, no point). To be honest, the senior stylist in KL branch is much better and sorry talented.The color also doesn't look good, my cousin was choosing like bright brown color but ... (you know it)My experience is also the worst.First, I was showing the picture and telling the stylist I want this kind of color but since my hair still has some bleaching I ask whether it's possible to get the color done. He said it might not be as strong since I still have some color left.Ok accepted, but.. the result is FAR.I was hoping he could tell or suggest me other color that will show with my current bleach or like strongly warn me, the color won't show instead of telling me it's still possible.I ask him to bleach my fringe like money piece and give the color that I want.He did, but the color was too light and has faded in 2-3 days? LIKE SERIOUSLY?MY HAIR NOW IS GREY.. THE COLOR HAS GONEThe color isn't bad in overall, like ash model BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT I SHOW TO THE STYLIST.:(I SPEND MILLION FOR NOTHING.I'M HAVING A BAID HAIR DAY SINCE THE DAY I WENT OUT FROM THE SALOON.EVERYDAY UNTIL TODAY, I HATE MY HAIR.:( THIS IS NOT NUMBER76 BRAND AND SKILLS THAT I KNOWI WENT TO JAKARTA NOT FOR THIS.Hope this constructive feedback can help Number 76 Jakarta to improve, but unfortunately I lost my trust already for your branch.
Levina ChristyLevina Christy
03:40 27 Aug 21
Friendly and helpful staff, very knowledgable on hairstyles for different face shapes and hair structures. The place is not only gorgeous but kept pristine, and their service cost is considerably very good value for money! They maintain the health protocols well by giving customers new face mask, disinfecting the seats and table right before you sit, they wash their hands before touching your hair to ensure optimum hygiene. Love love love everything about this salon. Very impressed! will be coming back as a regular fosho
06:56 25 Mar 21
I was browsing through for salon recommendations to get a makeover and came across Number 76 and thought to give it a try since I’ve read so many positive reviews on their page. I would say I didn’t regret making that decision! I made an appointment with Stephanie and told her I want a drastic change since I’ve been wearing the same hairstyle for ages. She suggested some options and we went with doing balayage and I was very pleased with the outcome. I got tons of compliments from my friends & family on my new makeover! Would definitely go back for future visits with Stephanie. Highly recommended! Keep up the good work!


Number76 Jakarta

+62-21-5140-1776 / +62822 6122 7676 (Whatsapp)
18 Parc Place Tower D, Ground Floor, Suite 2, SCBD, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Daily | 10:00 - 19:00
Thurs. | 10:00 - 17:00
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Cut | includes wash & styling

Senior StylistRp 360.000
DirectorRp 500.000
Senior DirectorRp 760.000
Chief DirectorRp 980.000


0-4 years oldFree
5-12 years old50%
13-19 years old30%

β€» Free haircut for 0-4 years old is only applicable for members’ children.

Color | includes wash & styling

Touch UpRp 480.000
ShortRp 680.000
MediumRp 880.000
LongRp 980.000
Extra LongRp 1.080.000
OLAPLEX – add onRp 160.000

β€» Highlights / bleach Rp 90.000/5gr (by consultation)

Acid Color | includes wash & styling

Touch UpRp 890.000
ShortRp 1.090.000
MediumRp 1.390.000
LongRp 1.590.000
Extra LongRp 1.790.000

Organic Color | includes wash & styling

Touch UpRp 550.000
ShortRp 750.000
MediumRp 950.000
LongRp 1.050.000
Extra LongRp 1.150.000

Perm | includes wash & styling

Cold PermRp 760.000
Digital Perm
ShortRp 1.280.000
MediumRp 1.400.000
LongRp 1.550.000
Extra LongRp 1.700.000

Rebonding | includes wash & styling

Touch UpRp 890.000
ShortRp 990.000
MediumRp 1.190.000
LongRp 1.290.000
Extra LongRp 1.390.000

Extensions (Seal Extensions)

Medium Length (40 – 45cm)Rp 70.000 / piece
Long Length (50 – 55cm)Rp 90.000 / piece
Seal MaintenanceRp 40.000 / piece


Wash & Blow DryRp 200.000
Wash & StylingRp 300.000
Special Up doRp 400.000 – 500.000

β€» Up do by consultation

Scalp Treatment | includes wash & styling

Global Milbon ScalpRp 580.000
Tansan Sparkling Scalp – add onRp 150.000

Plarmia Scalp Treatment | includes wash & styling

Full CourseRp 510.000
Quick CourseRp 410.000
Chemical & Treatment CourseRp 550.000

Hair Treatment | includes wash & styling

Global Milbon Smooth

ShortRp 450.000
MediumRp 490.000
LongRp 560.000
Extra LongRp 650.000

Ultrasonic Iron

ShortRp 580.000
MediumRp 640.000
LongRp 690.000
Extra LongRp 760.000

Ultrasonic Premium

ShortRp 790.000
MediumRp 930.000
LongRp 1.070.000
Extra LongRp 1.210.000

CRONNA Scalp and Hair

ShortRp 550.000
MediumRp 630.000
LongRp 710.000
Extra LongRp 790.000

S4 Keratin

10grRp 350.000
20grRp 700.000
Add onRp 175.000 / 5gr

Hair Length Guideline

Shortabove jawline
Mediumbetween jawline and collar bone
Longbetween collar bone and chest line
Extra Longpast chest line