All About Global Milbon Scalp Treatment

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Fresh healthy scalp promotes healthy hair growth.
This particularly sensitive skin area requires regular care more often than you can think of. Somehow, we often tend to exclude this skin area in our daily skin and hair care routine.

The common reason behind 5 major scalp troubles are due to excessive fatty acids, it can cause itchy, dandruff, dry, sticky, and smelly..

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5 Troubles, 1 Solution

A fresh sparkling clean scalp provides an optimal condition for healthy hair growth, and we have just the right solution for you!

Global Milbon Scalp Treatment is created to remove excess fatty acids and replenish moisture to hair, which consequently leads to clean scalp and healthy, shinier hair!

Global Milbon Scalp Treatment : Effectively cleanses and eliminates excess fatty acid while replenishes essential moisture for a balanced, healthy scalp.

Indulge in an ultra-relaxing head massage that gently cleanses your scalp while improving blood circulation.

With 3 choices of essence to add extra boost your pampering sessions.

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