The Ultimate Secret To A Healthy Scalp and Hair

Healthy scalp is the key to healthy new growth.Introducing PLARMIA, a specific scalp and hair care product that focuses on different solutions to act against the changes due to aging. It is an effective formula to maintain a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Formulated especially for dry, sensitive scalps, prompted by or accelerated with age.

Hair Stylist

Number76 is a fast-growing international beauty brand with multiple outlets based in Southeast Asia. We make not just beautiful hair but also a promising career path for every team member. To facilitate our continuous growth in various aspects and nations, we’re seeking driven team members to join hands and stimulate the brand on an international

Celebrating Number76’s 20th Anniversary 🎉

Otsukaresamadeshita! Number76 is celebrating 20 years in business!! Started from a small hair salon in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, in 2001, Number76 keeps growing and move to Omotesando in 2003 up until now. So here we are now years later. Thank you for your tremendous and endless support! We truly appreciate it and we would like