Post-Chemical Hair Treatment For Beautiful Lustrous Tresses

One of the most convenient ways to maintain your post-chemical hair is with a good pampering in-salon treatment.

Always opt for treatment after your chemical service to repair and replenish the moisture loss during the process of your hair.

A full treatment step in the salon can always act as a barrier against the external harms to your hair.

Number76 Signature Ultrasonic Iron Hair Treatment
Lighter, smoother and stronger tresses

Double Repair Technology
For dry, unruly, damaged hair due to frequent chemical services

Utilizing a cold Ultrasonic Iron that vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separating particles of protein, water, and oil in treatment to boost treatment penetration deep into damaged hair.

Number76 Signature Ultrasonic Premium Treatment
Mega nourishment for ultra-softness and healthy glossy hair

Double Repair Technology
For dry, unruly, severely damaged hair due to heavy chemical services

A major upgrade of Ultrasonic Iron Hair Treatment! 
Utilizing the same exclusive technology of high-speed vibrations, penetrating the repairing focused treatment formula into severely damaged hair for stronger texture.

* Ultrasonic Hair Treatment comes with complimentary home care boosters for long-lasting results

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Bring your hair back to its former glory or even improve its texture with Number76 Signature Ultrasonic Iron Treatment!

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