Post-Chemical Hair Care Product

It’s important to keep your scalp and hair healthy!

Walking out of a salon with fresh highlights or a nice wavy hair with a chemical smell is very common things.

Most hair dye or any chemical products that use for hair color, perm or rebonding contain some chemicals that will leave a smell in your hair and scalp for quite some times.

Worries no more! We have just the right solution you can get for your post chemical hair care at home!

Introducing Milbon Extended Carbonated Shampoo pH 4.9

Milbon Signature EXTENDED Carbonated Shampoo pH 4.9 specially made for post-color essential, specifically formulated for the scalp and hair after bleaching and coloring services.

The luxurious and gentle microcarbonated foam thoroughly lifts away chemicals and impurities, while powerful pH controllers rebalance the pH levels of the scalp and hair to minimize post-color scalp discomfort and damage.

With the combination of fruity pomegranate and refreshing woody note, to harmonized the odor of the post-colored hair and scalp. 

Treat your scalp at home!

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