How To Tame Frizz – Unruly Hair

Every woman goes through the phase where half of your mind wants to chop off your hair and the other half wants to keep it. Having long hair means you can try out different hairstyles and experiment with your looks. But also can be a troublesome if your hair is frizzy, it can become quite difficult to manage and gets easily tangled up. And the reality is that many hair types are prone to frizz; curly hair, straight hair, you name it. That said, even those who may have hair type less susceptible to frizz can still fall victim to hair damage and, in turn, frizz. Here we want to share some tips for you to try if your hair is unmanageable and prone to tangles.

1. Restore the moisture in your hair

If your hair has become too rough, dry or difficult to manage (due to which you have tangles in your hair), then the first thing to do would be to restore the moisture in your hair by using the right hair care products at home.

2. Use hair oil or hair serum

Make it a habit to apply a smoothing serum to your hair 1-2 times a day. This will tame the frizz and make your hair smoother and much easier to manage.

3. Comb your hair before wash

Washing your hair too frequently can dry it out and make it more difficult to manage. Make sure to comb your hair properly before washing it, as wet hair tends to get tangled easily.

6. Use a leave-in conditioner

In addition to using a regular conditioner, you might also want to use a leave-in conditioner after you have washed your hair. This will add more moisture and tame your hair and make it frizz-free.

Introducing Milbon Smooth Shampoo & Treatment

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  • Coarse for coarse or thick hair

Smooth shampoo detangles hair and gives silkier feel while shampooing, while the smooth treatment smoothes cuticle to enhance hair texture and shine.

Featured Ingredients

SSVR-Silk™: Isostearoyl Hydrolyzed Silk : is a powerful, silk-based complex that improves hair’s integrity, inside and out.

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How to use

Shampoo: Thoroughly wet both hair and scalp for 90 seconds before shampooing to maximize product performance. Emulsify shampoo between palms and gently work into hair and scalp. This shampoo cleanses and conditions at the same time.

Conditioner: After shampooing, apply to wet hair from mid-length to ends and massage in for 30 seconds until hair feels soft and smooth. Then rinse thoroughly.

#Pro tip : apply hair oil or hair serum on a damp / towel dry hair before drying for best results.

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