Points of hair care with oil and hair dryer

Points of hair care with oil and hair dryer

Many people use oil for hair care, but some people don’t know whether to use oil before or after dryer. Actually, if we don’t get the order right, the effect of the oil will be halved.

By knowing the timing of the dryer when using oil and the points of how to use it, you can reduce hair damage and make your hair even more beautiful.

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Timing for using hair oil

The best way to use oil for hair care is, to apply it both before and after the dryer. When wet, hair’s cuticle is open, so moisture tend to escape easily from hair. By using oil before dryer, we can protect the cuticle and prevent it from drying out due to the heat of the dryer, which results in less hair damage. On the other hand, using a small amount of oil after dryer can help making our hair look shinier.

Wrong way of using hair oil

Hair oil is effective for hair care, but if you apply it to the root or apply it too much in one go, it will cause stickiness. Also, avoid applying to only to the surface of the hair. The key for making beautiful hair is to apply it from the inside, and then spread it entirely.