Is Your Scalp Healthy Enough?

Any healthy hair journey starts from a healthy scalp.
This particularly sensitive skin area requires regular care more often than you can think of. Somehow, we often tend to exclude this skin area in our daily skin and hair care routine.

When your scalp is distressed by internal and external factors, you will experience itchy, oily, or dandruff all over your scalp.

Remember, a fresh sparkling clean scalp provides an optimal condition for healthy hair growth, and we have just the right solution for you!

Tansan Sparkling Wash
A popular service in Japan that Number76 Hair Salon has brought it over to Jakarta!

It is a powerful cleansing step that utilizes the soda gas water (CO2 1000ppm above) to instantly cleanse dirt, grime and excess oil from the scalp and increases blood circulation.

Tansan Sparkling Wash at Number76 Hair Salons

How do you identify the scalp condition with the Tansan wash results?

It basically divided into 3 major results explanations:
Tansan water clarity – to determine scalp condition – normal, oily or dry
Scalp and hair dead skin cells – to determine whether it is dry scalp dandruff or oily scalp dandruff
Hair products silicone and impurities build-up – to determine the products suitability for customer, products usage method, personal hygiene practices, etc)

After the wash, we will scoop up the residue water in a clear glass to consult on your scalp condition.

*Dry scalp dandruff would be the white flaky particle that commonly falls on shoulder.
*Oily scalp dandruff occurs due to bacteria and causes yellowish patches that stick on the scalp

With unsuitable hair care products or without proper hair care routine in many days,
it could leave a thick layer of residue and dead skin cells in the water.

This chart shows the common results seen in our salon throughout the years.

You are always welcome to consult with our professional stylist team and understand better about your scalp condition.
With only RP130,000, you can addon the Tansan Sparkling Wash to any hair service at Number76 Jakarta.

Enjoy a thorough cleansing experience with our newly introduced Plarmia Scalp Treatment for an ultra-soothing and refreshing scalp.
*Only at Number76 Jakarta.
Find out more in our next post!