4 Tips For How to Use Dryer

4 Tips For How to Use Dryer

To keep your hair in its best condition, it is important to take care of how to use the dryer. If used incorrectly, a hair dryer can damage hair and scalp.

Focusing on the back of your head

When drying your hair with a hair dryer, especially focus on the back of your head, since it dries slower compared to other parts. Make sure you don’t overly blow the dryer from below. If you apply the dry wind from the hair dryer directly to your hairlines, you may damage your scalp.

Do not over dry.

If dried too much, split ends will increase, and your hair will look loose. If you apply strong hot air from the dryer to dry hair, the hair will be even more dehydrated.

Cooling down your hair using Cool Air

After applying hot air to your hair, cool it down with cool air. If you leave the hot air to warm your hair too much, your hair might get damaged easily.

Using a non-rinse type of treatment.

The merit of non-rinse treatment is that it protects your hair from the heat of the hair dryer. There are various types of non-rinse treatments, such as oil or cream, so choose the one that suits you.