Why We Need to Use Hair Care Serum

Even if you’re perfectly happy with the condition and health of your hair as it is, we still recommend you introduce a great hair serum into your hair care routine (Yes, even when you use a high quality hair conditioner and hair mask!). Its most basic benefit, after all, is that it can make your hair go from dull, dry and lifeless, to soft and shiny in literally, only in seconds. And, if your hair is already looking pretty healthy, things will only get better!

High-quality serums can quickly smooth onto the ends of your hair and it will instantly revive dull, tired-looking hair by adding a major dose of moisture and light-reflecting ingredients. 

Whatever the reason for your hair, a hair serum is an absolutely perfect product for you.

Hair serum also can make your hair feel so much smoother and easier to comb through.

Whether your hair is curly, straight, wavy, or anything in between, a hair serum will works wonders when it comes to enhancing its natural look. Every hair type becomes instantly more defined. 

Straight hair appears smoother and shinier, waves and curls appear way more good looking. Therefore, if you’re trying to air dry your hair, we highly suggest put a little serum while your hair is still damp. This way it’ll dry without frizz and flyaways, revealing your natural hair at its absolute shiny best!

Using a hair serum is a great way to ensure you’re locking in moisture on your hair. Plus, you’ll be preventing any heat from either your blow dryer or styling tools from damaging your strands as they make contact throughout the styling process.

If you’re applying heat tools to your hair without any form of protection, those extremely high temperatures are touching directly onto the hair. There is no buffer to make sure this heat doesn’t start to damage the hair cuticle. Therefore, heat damage appears not only quicker but more aggressively than it would if you apply a protective serum layer beforehand.

The serum acts as a shield, sealing in the moisture of your locks before the heat touches. That way, it’s never in direct contact with the heat.

Additionally, we also recommend you apply hair serum after heat styling! This will once again seal each and every strand protecting it from outside factors such as sun damage, pollution that can damage the hair.

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