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Number76 Pure Water, Pure Beauty

Experience the Magic of Water – Now Free for Everyone!

We have decided to discontinue the Tansan Add-On and introduce microbubble water "Marbb"
Now available completely free for all our customers!

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What is "Marbb?"

What is Marbb?

"Marbb" is a microbubble generator that can be attached to the shampoo station in a hair salon, allowing the shower to emit microbubble water. Compared to household showerheads that generate microbubbles using water pressure, Marbb uses motor power to generate 266 million microbubbles per cubic centimeter.

About Our Hair Salon "Number76"

Founded in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, in 2001, Number76 is a rapidly expanding international hair salon brand with a presence in 4 countries and 7 branches across Southeast Asia.

Why number76 introduce Marbb?

At Number76, we prioritize water excellence, embodying 'Pure Water, Pure Beauty' as our motto. Hair salons continually evolve with new shampoos, colors, and treatments, yet water remains a constant overlooked element. We introduce unique, air-infused water to transform your hair care experience and set new standards in salon services.

Why number76 Offer Marbb Free?

We want all our customers to experience the transformative effects of Marbb, believing it will become the standard for future salons. Enjoy this innovative water with every visit, enhancing your salon experience at no additional cost.

How to order Marbb in Salon?

Marbb is integrated into all water-related services at our salon from 7/20/2024, ensuring every customer benefits from its unique properties without the need for special requests or additional charges.

What is benefit of Marbb?

The benefits of Marbb include:
Removes sebum, old keratin, silicone residues, chemical residues, and residual alkali from hair treatments—all with just water.
But that's not all. See below for more benefits.

Marbb's tiny bubbles effectively remove dirt

Marbb's tiny bubbles effectively remove dirt

Marbb's tiny bubbles are negatively charged, while dirt is positively charged. The negative charge attaches to the positive charge, carrying away the dirt. These ultra-tiny bubbles penetrate pores and cuticle gaps, removing dirt that was previously scrubbed away with just a touch of this water.

Marbb enhance the penetration of hair treatments

Marbb enhance the penetration of hair treatments

Marbb allows room for hair treatments to penetrate by not oversaturating the hair with water. It enhances the potential of treatments like coloring, perming, and rebonding.

Dry hair faster after using Marbb

Studies show Marbb water reduces swelling by 17% compared to tap water, shortening drying time by up to 35%, thus reducing both time and damage.

FAQs about Marbb

When was Marbb developed?
Marbb was created in 2016 with the aim of enhancing agricultural products.
How many salons in Japan use Marbb?
As of 2023, over 6,000 salons in Japan have implemented Marbb.
What makes Marbb's nano-bubbles unique?
Marbb holds patents for nano-bubble generation technology in Japan, Korea, and the United States.
Why did Number76 decide to introduce Marbb?
At Number76, we prioritize water quality and innovation.
How small are Marbb's bubbles?
Marbb's bubbles are 1/2000th the size of a carbonated bubble.
How do Marbb's tiny bubbles effectively remove dirt?
Marbb's negatively charged bubbles attract positively charged dirt particles, effectively removing dirt from pores and cuticle gaps.
Does Marbb enhance the penetration of hair treatments?
Yes, Marbb allows hair treatments to penetrate more effectively by preventing oversaturation.
Does hair dry faster after using Marbb?
Studies show that Marbb reduces hair swelling by 17%, decreasing drying time by up to 35%.

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