New Price Adjustment Notice

Dear valued customers, thank you for your kind support towards Number76 Hair Salon Jakarta throughout the tough time, we couldn’t have come this far without your constant support and patronage.

We would like to inform you that there will be a slight adjustment on our menu prices in order to continue delivering the best services for the utmost pampering experience with us!

The new prices listed will be updated by 1 March 2021 to reflect the changes on our official website.
Meanwhile, you are more than welcome to refer to the latest price list below!

We have truly enjoyed serving you at the salon and we sincerely hope for the pleasure of your visit soon!

Number76 Jakarta New Service Price

Hair Length Guide:
Short – above jawline
Medium – between jawline and collar bone
Long – between collar bone and chest line
Extra long – past chest line

Cut (hair wash, cut, blow-dry)
Senior StylistRP 360k
Director StylistRP 500k
Senior Director StylistRP 760k
Chief Director StylistRP 980k
For Children
0 – 4 years oldFree (for members only)
5 – 12 years old50% off
12 – 19 years old30% off
Cold PermRP 760k
Digital Perm
ShortRP 1,280k
MediumRP 1,400k
LongRP 1,550k
Extra LongRP 1,700k
Touch UpRP 890k
ShortRP 990k
MediumRP 1,190k
LongRP 1,290k
Extra LongRP 1,390k
Touch UpRP 480k
ShortRP 680k
MediumRP 880k
LongRP 980k
Extra LongRP 1,080k
Acid Color
Touch UpRP 890k
ShortRP 1,090k
MediumRP 1,390k
LongRP 1,590k
Extra LongRP 1,790k
Organic Color
Touch UpRP 550k
ShortRP 750k
MediumRP 950k
LongRP 1,050k
Extra LongRP 1,150k
Olaplex (add-on)RP 160k
Highlight/BleachRP 90k/5g
Treatment (hair care)
Signature Ultrasonic Iron
ShortRP 580k
MediumRP 640k
LongRP 690k
Extra LongRP 760k
Signature Ultrasonic Premium
ShortRP 790k
MediumRP 930k
LongRP 1,070k
Extra LongRP 1,210k
Global Milbon Smooth
ShortRP 450k
MediumRP 490k
LongRP 560k
Extra LongRP 650k
S4 Keratin
10gRP 350k
20gRP 700k
Add-onRP 175k/5g
Treatment (scalp & hair care)
CRONNA Scalp & Hair
ShortRP 550k
MediumRP 630k
LongRP 710k
Extra LongRP 790k
Treatment (scalp care)
Global Milbon ScalpRP 580k
Tansan (add-on)RP 150k
Plarmia Scalp (hair wash, blow-dry)
Full CourseRP 510k
Quick CourseRP 410k
Chemical & Treatment CourseRP 550k
Wash & Styling
Wash & Blow-dryRP 200k
Wash & StylingRP 300k
Half Up-DoRP 400k
Full Up-DoRP 500k